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Young People Making A Difference (MAD) 

Young people making a difference by recognising their ability to make their dreams reality!

MAD News!

Our last program was run in March 2020, What an amazing program with such an amazing group of young people. The weekend was full of fun, tears and laughter but there was never a dull moment with this bunch. The MAD family is only becoming stronger with the amazing young people we have signed on to do Leadership training, to bring this program into the next year.

Thank you to Shell's QGC Business Community Grant for sponsoring this program!

What is MAD?

MAD is a program for young people aged 12-18 that are struggling with anything in their day to day life. At MAD we try to create a family-like atmosphere where young people feel free in a safe environment, to share what they are going through. What makes the MAD Program different and successful is our young people find answers from each other in a peer support enviroment, from other young people that have dealt with similar circumstances.

Upcoming Program Dates 2021

19th - 21st March 2021

28th - 30th May 2021

27th - 29th August 2021

And our Christmas Program

19th - 21st November 2021

We hope to see you there, please contact us for more information.

Leaders Training Dates 2021

Leaders Training ~ 9th April - 12th April - Venue TBC

Hassle Training ~ 9th April - 12th April - Venue TBC

Where are programs held?

COVID-19 has claimed another victim. MAD programs will no longer be held at Canoe Point, Tannum Sands, at the Tanyalla Recreation and Conference Centre. Due to financial issues the Anglican Church has sold our regular venue, and Tanyalla has been torn down. 

We would like to thank Shell’s QGC business for supporting this program 

through its community fund